Deep Serenity At The Mayura Park Temple, Cakranegara

Let the Hindu culture, traditions, and history amaze you in this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Take a journey or, rather, an adventure into this breath-taking park and the captivating temple. Believe me, it truly is a one-of-a-kind complex and will steal your heart even if you’re an experienced traveler.

The Mayura Park Temple is like some sort of a “gateway” into the mysterious soul if the Hindu people. It was built back in the 18th century but still looks like a million bucks. As for the park, it’s beautifully decorated with water features and ornaments that are new to us, people from the US and the EU.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons to visit Indonesia: the architecture in this country is nothing like what you’re used to back at home. That makes it a perfect destination if learning something new and exciting is #1 on your wish-list. Visit the enchanting main temples (there are four in total) for a sneak-peak into the park’s magical atmosphere.

It’s got some insane “vibes”, as the modern-day kids would say. If you’re truly interested about this place’s heritage, history, and, of course, the mix of various religions, let the caretaker of the Mayura Park Temple in Cakranegara share all the tiny details with you. The fans of thrilling historical facts will definitely appreciate this part. The man might sugar-coat it a bit, though, so, don’t believe every single word he says J.

The park was built back when people from Bali used to be the kings and queens of Lombok Island. It is a symbol of their faith. You might already know that the locals are Muslims, and it was important for the Hindu people to make a statement with this temple. As I just mentioned, there are 4 main places of worship, and it would be a good idea to visit them all if you’re after that full experience.

Connecting With Nature At The Mayura Park Temple in Cakranegara, Lombok

The temples aren’t that big and won’t take much of your time. Mount Rinjani, Ngelurah, Padmasana and Gedong – that’s what they are called. Gedong has a special place in the Hindu traditions and believes. It’s one of the most popular spots on the island. That means you simply can’t miss it! Of all the landmarks at the Mayura Park Temple, this one’s a must-see.

Obviously, the garden is also available to the visitors, and you can have a nice walk through its riveting grounds and take a moment to truly enjoy the tranquility and the peace while surrounded by exotic mangosteen trees and thick grass. It’s places like this one that give us just the right kick up the butt so that we start to love and appreciate the nature and life itself even more.

The multiple bridges go over the ponds that are located next to each temple (I’m talking about the main four temples). By the way, Rat Kerte is a very special place in the Mayura Park Temple. Back in the day, people used to gather around there and greet the newcomers.

Here goes one of the best pieces of advice one of the regular tourists gave me: make sure to buy a whole bunch of snacks and drinks (like soda) from one of the multiple stalls that you’ll find around the park and inside of it. As they say, there is no fun without some proper food to get you going.

The kids will love this idea, that’s for sure! Fun fact: this entire place took its name from the Sanskrit for peacock. According to the legends, they were brought to the temple to get rid of the snake problem (their population was growing bigger with each passing day). Please keep in mind that you must pay the admission at the Mayura Park Temple in Cakranegara, Lombok if you want to get in.

That’s true for most of the attractions and tourist spots on the island. Plus, it would be very nice of you to leave some pocket change in the donation box. That will help keep the place up and running.

A History Course For The Fans

I mentioned in the beginning that the Bali kingdom built this fine temple. The exact date is 1744. At first, they called it the Kelepug Palace Garden. The modern-day name took over more than 100 years later. In 1866, both the park and the temple went through a complete “overhaul”, and that’s when the locals decided to give the complex a proper new title.

By the way, the city – Mataram – is a beauty in its own right. With a total population of more than 400 thousand people, it’s a sight for sore eyes. It’s the center of education, industry, and, of course, government. Cakranegara is where the temple is located, and it’s the main commercial center of Mataram.

Different folks visit the place for different reasons. As a temple that has been around for more than two centuries, it has that special “majestic touch” that will leave a mark on you (in a good way).

If you want to relax, the Mayura Park Temple in Cakranegara, Lombok will be a great pick. Remember: Gedong will not always be open. In fact, during the rituals and/or celebrations, you won’t be able to get in. That’s pretty much all you need to know. The prices in the country are quite low, which means the trip is affordable for a wide range of Europeans and Americans.

But, as always, take more money than you need, because you might end up buying presents for your loved ones and/or taking a detour. Many folks consider the park to be the main attraction, but in my opinion, it’s the temple that makes this journey special.

What To Wear At The Mayura Park Temple

So, when can one visit this Indonesian treasure? The complex is open to clients since early morning. However, while the halls and temples open at the same time, they close at separate times. Keep that in mind so that this trip won’t turn into a disappointment for the entire family J. Furthermore, the entire complex will, most likely, be closed on Hindu holidays (along with Gedong, as mentioned above).

Ok, and what should you wear to the temples? Something casual like shorts and a t-shirt, or maybe pick something from the local outfits? As long as you arrive in something modest and universal, nobody will even pay attention to what you’re wearing. But do respect the place and keep your “swagged out outfits” behind.

The Mayura Park Temple in Cakranegara won’t tolerate any of that! With that said, even though the locals are different from the people from the Western Civilization, the regular citizens wear pretty much the same clothes as we do. And, they all have phones with headphones.

But you’ll have a hard time finding someone who speaks English. The vast majority of the island’s population won’t even be able to help you with the map.

How To Find The Mayura Park Temple In Cakranegara

You might’ve already guessed from the title of this article that the Temple is located in the wonderful (and quite busy) Cakranegara district (which is in Mataram). If you’re in the center of Mataram, it will take you no more than 10/15 minutes to get to the destination.

The Temple is east of the city. Make sure to leave the vehicle in the designated parking spot if you’re driving a rental. Yep, it’s pretty close and you won’t get lost, especially if you take a minute to study the map. At the same time, please remember that GPS doesn’t always work flawlessly in Indonesia and it would be wise to know everything in advance.

No matter how magnificent the Mayura Park Temple is, you will be both confused and frustrated when the road takes longer than it should. Public transportation will also work, but watch out for the tricky drivers that want to make a fortune on tourists.

The route from the city to your destination shouldn’t cost more than 5000 IDR (that stands for Indonesian Rupees). In dollars, that would be 0,35 – 350 cents. Pretty cheap for a nice ride downtown, huh? Just ask the cabbie to drop you off at the Temple and that’s it!

Another thing to consider: the so-called “guides” in Indonesia are cunning folks and will try to rob you of your bucks (yep, even more than the drivers). Ask them for some official papers/permits. If they fail to show them (that is what will most likely happen), just turn around and leave. The guides with government licenses are usually good people and professionals. So, to save yourself a lot of nerves and to enjoy this trip, try to “book” a guide even before you leave home.

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Elon S.
March 10, 2018
If you’re not just a “blind tourist” and know at least a tiny part of the local history, you’ll have an awesome experience at this Temple and the park. Take your kids with you so that you can have this awesome adventure together!
Axel B.
December 2, 2017
The Hindu and the Muslims live side by side in Lombok, and the holy temples they built in the previous centuries are like a bridge between the two religions. We had a taste of that at this gorgeous complex!
Eugene W.
August 3, 2017
Thanks for the heads up regarding the drivers and the guides! Personally, I found my way to the temple without any hassle.
Bruce C.
June 22, 2017
For some, it might look like just another temple in the middle of nowhere. But we certainly did enjoy our trip.
Ethan E.
January 9, 2016
Lombok is, without a doubt, a great island. And the amazing mix of different religions and cultures certainly does make it stand out. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, then by all means, hop on the next flight to Indonesia and have a blast!

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