Find Inspiration At The Benang Kelambu Waterfall

Lombok, the sweet Indonesian island, has so many popular tourist spots that you might not even know about the half of them. It’s got mountains, beaches, and temples, but the waterfalls are the hidden treasures. There’s nothing like standing in front of a tall cliff and seeing the healing water crash into the ground. There’s something Biblical about that if you ask me.

The Benang Kelambu Waterfall is among the most famous and thrilling ones on the island. Might not be as “trendy” as Sengang Gile because it’s on the other side of the legendary mount Rinjani, but make no mistake about it: this waterfall is worth a visit even if you’re tired and frustrated.

There are spots like this one that represents the other side of Lombok, the side that’s equally mysterious, captivating, and breathtakingly gorgeous. Some “OG” tourists claim that this landmark makes it into the list of top-5 waterfalls on planet Earth, and for me, that was enough reason to visit it.

I was on a regular trip to this island with my friends, and then one of the locals, also a friend, suggested we take a hike to Benang Kelambu. It was almost the end of our trip, but, without a doubt, it was the highlight of our time there. We took tons of pictures and even had a picnic near the waterfall, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lombok. It was an amazing experience!

What’s So Special About The Benang Kelambu Waterfall

They say that there are two ways you should get yourself wet: on a beautiful beach or under a falling stream of water. This fresh, life-defining waterfall will make you feel like you’re the king of the jungle. Located on the feet of the Rinjani Mountain, it’s a great example of why people love to visit this island so much.

On your way to the landmark, you’ll pass through a thrilling jungle that’s home to funny monkeys and adorable birds. The lush, green trees, the sounds of the waterfall, and the overall atmosphere of peace and quiet will conquer your heart and mind. Don’t be afraid to open up and let nature find its way into your heart – only then will you get to appreciate this place fully.

If you’re lost in the tropical jungle, don’t hesitate to ask some of the locals for directions. Or, better yet, hire a guide that will take you there without any troubles. We didn’t need a trekker because we know how to navigate and easily found our way to the Benang Kelambu waterfall. You’ll find detailed direction in the last section of this article.

For now, just know that there’s a tiny fee to enter the location and once you go through the main gate, the exotic plants will signal that you came to the right place. The road is paved, and the locals keep an eye on it to make sure it’s nice and new. So, you’ll enjoy the climb to the waterfall, that’s for certain.

Checking Out The Other Waterfall In The Area

On the side of the main road, the locals will greet you with their cute stalls. They sell everything from food to towels. The snacks and the drinks are more expensive than, say, at some of the villages, but it’s all worth it. Don’t forget to change your bucks to IDRs, because the owners might not take your “foreign currency”.

Credit cards are good in the city, but out here, you’ll need real cash. Grab whatever you need and head to the Benang Kelambu waterfall. I bet once you spend a couple of hours there, you’ll crave for some kaput rice or some cold coconut juice. Most importantly, take a couple of bottles of water, because the 500-meters-long road will get you thirsty.

And if you hear the sounds of water falling down from the air, don’t get excited just yet, because it’s actually Benang Setokel, yet another waterfall. It consists of two streams of water, and they’re both 20-meters-high. Go ahead and jump right into the water. It’s nice and fresh, but also cold, so, don’t expect it to be warm.

The locals claim that this waterfall originates from a river on Rinjani. There’s another river about 50 meters away from the waterfall. The water there is significantly calmer and will be perfect for a nice swim, especially if you’re traveling with your little ones. Still want to see the Benang Kelambu waterfall? Then you’ll need to walk for another kilometer!

The Beauty Of Benang Kelambu

Along the way, you’ll see even more interesting banana, jackfruit, and coffee trees, just to name a few. As the path lies in the middle of a tropical forest, it is quite challenging and will take a lot of energy and dedication to walk it. When you get really close to the waterfall (like 100 meters away), it will welcome you with a steep stairway.

Yep, you can call this something of a last-minute test. But all that trouble will be worth it once you see the amazing Benang Kelambu waterfall with your own eyes. It’s flowing through trees and plants, creating one of the finest images on the island. Now, this water comes straight from the fountain, meaning it’s clean enough to drink.

The cliffs are very green and that makes this waterfall look like nothing I’ve ever seen. The locals differentiate between two parts: the first one is pretty much like any other fall, while the second one is made up of 4 waterfalls. It comes with several levels. The first one is 30-meters-long. The second level is significantly lower (10 meters); finally, the third level reaches 5 meters in height.

Please keep in mind that there is no pond in the Benang Kelambu waterfall and you won’t be able to take a dip there. But that’s well compensated by the pureness and freshness of the water. From afar, this place looks like a part of the Elf forest from the fantasy books.

Getting Ready For This Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

First of all, make sure you pack your bag with some towels and dry clothes. This is true for all those trips when you’re about to see a waterfall. A raincoat will come in handy if you decide to travel during the monsoon season (I highly recommend against that, though). When walking right under the mighty waterfall, watch your steps, as some of the stones are slippery and pretty sharp.

Sandals, including the ones made of rubber, will be the greatest pick for this little adventure. Anything else will either make your feet hurt or get lost somewhere along the way. If you’re a fan of taking pics for Instagram or whatever, try to protect the phone or the camera from the water.

Even though some tourists do this, don’t leave any trash behind near the Benang Kelambu waterfall. This is a landmark, and folks from all over the world come to visit. Plan your trip wisely and wake up early so that you can be back in your hotel room before the sun goes away. Alright, that is pretty much everything I wanted to tell you about this marvelous spot!

How To Find The Benang Kelambu Waterfall

So, this mesmerizing natural wonder is located approximately 32 kilometers from Mataram, the capital of Lombok. The road will take you about an hour on a car or a motorbike. The ride will be just as long if you travel there from the Lombok Airport. Hiring a taxi is the best way to go here, as he’ll know the best route and will take you right where you need to be.

Reach Narmada City first, and then drive towards the Pancor Dau intersection. Once there, head towards another intersection (Teratak) and turn to the north. A mentioned in the beginning, when having trouble finding Benang Kelambu, let the locals show you the right way.

If you’re in the mood for some driving, the nature on the road to the waterfall will deeply impress you. Even before you get to walk on foot and connect with the forest, you’ll enjoy the concrete roads and the almost untouched world of trees, plants, and flowers. There’s enough place to park your vehicle. Again, don’t forget to take some water and drinks with you.

The rest we already discussed. The best time to visit is the dry season, which lasts from April all the way up to October. That’s because, during the rainy season (November-March), the road will be slippery, thus creating tiny problems for you and your friends.

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Ricardo M.
April 20, 2018
As always, the best places aren't the most popular ones. I visited this waterfall twice and will definitely come back!
Trenton G.
October 25, 2017
Definitely a place worth visiting. It's not like the other waterfalls, even though they do all look the same at a first glance. Magical, as my friends would say.
Shane W.
February 22, 2017
The hike to the Benang Kelambu waterfall is an entire adventure. And when you reach the landmark, it feels like Mother Nature is rewarding you.
Ximena L.
September 12, 2016
If hiking is your thing, the path to this waterfall will definitely be one of the finest ones in your life. As for the waterfall, you simply have to take a dip there!
Adalyn M.
February 22, 2016
Tired of the temples and the beaches? Why not pay Benang Kelambu a visit then? It will wash away all your fears and insecurities.

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