Fulfill Your Tropical Dreams At The Semeti Beach

Central Lombok, AKA the southern part of the island, is a sight for sore eyes. The majority of tourists claim that it is the most beautiful part of Lombok and a place where you can get to really know its people. For some, a trip to a foreign country is a chance to get a tan, drink some coconut juice, and climb a mountain or two.

Others prefer to visit the less popular spots and enjoy solitude and enlightenment. If you’re one of those folks, make sure to check out the beautiful Semeti Beach. It might not be as “polished” as Senggigi or Kuta – the biggest tourist spots on the island – but there’s enough to do and to see, that’s for sure.

Personally, I’m all for noisy, crowded landmarks that make you feel like a part of something great; yet, every now and then, I crave a more intimate atmosphere, and this beach is just right for those moments. It’s not particularly big and is just a couple of minutes away from another wonderful beach – Pantai Mawi.

The enormous Indian Ocean will be right there for you to admire and the tropical climate will make sure you have a great time in your shorts and t-shirts. Usually, business owners spend tons of time, energy, and money on perfecting their “amusement centers”, but that’s not the case with the Semeti Beach. It’s 100% raw, and that’s exactly what makes it so attractive.

What Is The Semeti Beach All About?

Again, in order for you not to get disappointed, it’s very important to set your priorities straight. If parties till early morning, bars on every step of the way, and trashy coastlines sound right for you at this moment, then this beach will be something of a drag. For the active, energetic visitors, it’s simply too slow and boring.

On the other hand, for the mature tourists with families and/or couples on their honeymoons, the calm, tranquil atmosphere of the Semeti Beach will be perfect. I have to say that Kuta is like a hub for the foreigners: that’s where they go first after the plane lands. And while it is all kinds of amazing, there are some hidden gems in the area.

You can check out my reviews of the best ones on this website, but today our focus is on Semeti. To reach this amazing beach, you’ll have to drive for about an hour. The roads are fine, impressive even, and the coastline will welcome you with a nice breeze. There is an entrance fee, just like anywhere else on the island, but it’s usually less than one American dollar.

Try to find a parking spot to, well, park your car/bike. Scooters are very popular in Lombok, as they are cheap to rent, fast enough, and easy to control. My ride to the Semeti Beach on a scooter was one of the best experiences in Indonesia. But if you’re all about speed and “rock-n-roll”, choose a motorcycle.

Learning More About The Semeti Beach

Once you arrive at the destination, the cliffs and rock pools on the left will create a classic tropical island vibe. Usually, the beach is half-empty; when I arrived there, I was the only man standing, but some locals and foreigners came around before I left. I encourage you to climb one of those rocks and turn into a modern-day alternative of Indian Jones, or, better yet, Robinson Crusoe.

The sight of the ocean hitting those rocks and the sounds they make will be like music to your ears, especially if there’s a romantic hiding deep inside your heart. It might be a challenge to make your way through those rocks to the water, but it will be worth it.

The Semeti Beach comes with crystal-clear water, perfect for a nice swim. The brave ones can climb one of those hills and jump from up there like an Olympic athlete. The rest can enjoy the lovely warm water in less extreme ways. Epic views are guaranteed, especially after the sun sets.

It would be a great idea to take a semi-pro camera on this trip so that you can capture every single moment on this trip. The Semeti Beach is ideal for taking magazine-worthy shots with the ocean and the cliffs serving as background. Depending on the time of the year, this entire area can be totally empty, giving you and your friends an opportunity to feel like the kings of the jungle!

What Is There To Do At This Wonderful Beach?

It’s safe to say that you can do pretty much all those “mandatory” things that folks usually do at a tropical beach. Swimming, diving, sitting on the shore under an umbrella and admiring the view – those kinds of things. The white sand is very beautiful, and if you need a place to “cool off” and relax, the Semeti Beach will be just the right spot to do that.

After all the climbing and jumping, the peaceful, quiet atmosphere over there will make you fall in love with Lombok. Sadly, since this place is not the most popular one (not even close), there aren’t any food stalls with snacks, drinks, and/or souvenirs. It would’ve been nice to get access to all that near the beach, though.

Therefore, if you’re planning on spending more than a couple of hours at the Semeti Beach, make sure to pack that bag of yours with some mats, a hat, a sun cream, and, of course, something to eat and to drink. I just said that walking and jumping from high cliffs will get you tired; well, it will also make you hungry!

Nothing like enjoying a nice meal while facing the ocean and listening to the birds singing! The beauty of secluded spots is that they give you a chance to be alone with yourself, and that’s something that most of us can’t even get at home, in our own houses. Appreciate that fact about this beach and get the most out of this trip.

Some General Tips For The Tourists

As soon as you get tired of the Semeti Beach, don’t hesitate to move to Pantai Mawi. It’s a lot more crowded and you’ll find some food stalls there. As a popular beach for surfers, it’s almost always crowded. The contrast between these two spots is pretty big, despite the fact that they are only 500-600 meters away from each other.

The walk will take 7-10 minutes, by the way. After the calm waves of Semeti and the empty coastline, the steep waves, the surfers trying to curb them, and the tourists with families/locals will make you feel like you’re on an entirely different island. And that’s one of those things that I love about Lombok.

Summing up, let me just say that the fans of seclusion, beautiful nature, turquoise water, grandiose rocks, and that legendary white sand will find that this place is like a tiny piece of Heaven. It is almost entirely on its own, meaning the officials didn’t do anything to change that raw state that it’s been in for many centuries.

It’s actually quite hard to find that in the modern-day world. The Semeti Beach is where the tourists can “hide” from the noisy locals, the vendors, and the trash lying around on every step of the way. Originally, all of Lombok was like that. But now that it’s a popular resort island, more and more spots are becoming loud and trashy. Thankfully, that doesn’t apply here.

How To Find The Semeti Beach?

As mentioned earlier, the path to this landmark is not going to be easy (even though the road leading to the area is relatively new). Get yourself ready for gravel and potholes. Furthermore, when it rains, the road will be covered in mud puddles. In that regard, renting a motorcycle or a scooter seems like a more reasonable thing to do.

A car will have a hard time overcoming those puddles (unless it’s got 500HP under the hood and a 4×4 attitude). If you just landed at the International Lombok airport, you’re in luck, because the ride to the Semeti Beach won’t take more than 1 hour. The 30-kilometer-long route is mainly straight.

The active tourists should definitely rent a cool bike/SUV and ride all the way up to the sandy coastline. On the other hand, if you’re planning on swimming or surfing, it would be better to save your energy and use a taxi to get there.

From the capital (Mataram), the ride will be 1 hour and 30 minutes long through the shortest route. The alternative route is not that long (only 15 minutes longer) but will lie through the eastern part of the city.

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Dean V.
March 19, 2018
When we got there, the place was only half empty. But Mawi was a lot more fun, that's true.
Drew O.
September 5, 2017
Semeti is all about that "zen" stuff - being alone with yourself, meditating, and connecting with Nature.
Skyler L.
August 17, 2016
For a romantic getaway, we chose the Semeti Beach and had an awesome time!
Caiden C.
July 20, 2016
Make sure to put a nice pair of sneakers on; otherwise, the rocks might hurt your legs.
Evangeline S.
April 22, 2015
Even though this is Central Lombok, the road leading to the beach was in a pretty good shape.

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