Sekeper Is The Tallest Waterfall In Lombok

The Sekeper Waterfall, AKA Air Terjun Tiu Sekeper, is one of the finest landmarks in Lombok. If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews, then you already know that this island is home to numerous tourist magnets that attract more and more foreigners every year.

Now, while Mount Rinjani, the Senggigi and the Kuta beaches and some famous temples are the biggest “selling points” of Lombok, there are several less popular, yet still amazing places that you simply have to visit. People that appreciate beauty, grace, and a tiny bit of mystery, will definitely love what this wonderful waterfall has to offer. If you’re a fan of walking, climbing, and trekking, this is the spot for you.

Just remember: the path towards the Sekeper Waterfall is a bit tricky and will require a lot of strength and stamina. I’m not saying you need to be an Olympics champion to pull it off, but keep this information in mind while you’re still at the airport and are picking between renting a car and hiring a taxi.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at the map to know exactly how far this landmark is from the capital and the airport. We’ll talk about that in more details in the final chapter, though, so, let’s just focus on learning more about the fall, shall we? After all, in Lombok, no trip is ordinary, and sometimes, the road turns out to be more exciting than the landmark itself.

What Is The Sekeper Waterfall All About?

Alright, let’s just put it out there right now: this is the tallest, or, rather, the highest waterfall on the entire island! Yep, there are tons of those, but, according to the locals (and some real-world measurements), Sekeper is the obvious king. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, it won’t be a walk in the park, meaning it will be a challenge to get there.

The good news is – once you reach the destination and take a couple of selfies, that will give you a right to brag about it all-year-long. Get this: the altitude is approximately 115 meters. So, get yourself ready for a long drive and some climbing. But, again, it will be worth it once you find yourself standing at the very top.

There’s a parking spot right at the entrance and the fee is very low. Leave the car/bike there and hop on a long and hard journey towards the Sekeper Waterfall. It’s always best to go through these kinds of challenges with your friends/loved ones because it will be more fun and the various members of the group will make sure the rest are keeping up.

Besides, you can’t deny the competitive spirit. There’s a huge forest between the parking spot and Sekeper. All you have to do is cross it. Along the way, you’ll see plantations of cocoa, coffee, and more. The journey alone will be an exciting experience, an adventure that lingers on.

Learning More About The Sekeper Waterfall

Still, it’s the fall that we’re interested in, and the road is just a means to get there. As you get closer to the destination, you’ll find an old bridge. Unfortunately, it’s not safe to cross it, and the locals claim that all the tourists need to go around it. See the river right underneath the bridge? You’ll need to cross it the old-fashioned way.

Note: even though the path lies through a forest, it is quite narrow, not to mention slippery when it rains. Furthermore, there’s a gulf on the right side and according to the people living in the nearest village, it was known to take lives. Yep, the journey to the Sekeper Waterfall is full of dangers, but that’s exactly what makes it exciting!

By the way, have you ever heard about the jelateng plant? It doesn’t actually look scary or dangerous, but its leaves are quite stingy. They will make your skin itch for 2-3 days; plus, there will be some burning. So, try to stay as far away from that plant as possible. It would be best to have a picture of it on your phone/gadget so that you always know what it looks like.

Or, if there’s a guide with you, he/she will show the right path. Speaking of guides/trekkers, I have to say that Lombok is home to some of the greediest guides. Obviously, not all of them are bad, but I’ve heard one too many real-life stories about fraudsters that I’ve got a pretty bad picture in my head.

What Is There To Do At This Waterfall?

With that said, even though the journey through the forest to Sekeper might be challenging, I strongly recommend overcoming it on your own without any “experts”, as they might just end up ruining your day. The thing is – we don’t usually check the average prices on anything before we visit tropical islands around the world, and the locals use our lack of knowledge to their advantage.

If you have a local friend who’s been living on the island for all his/her life, that person will be able to help you keep everything under control. Or, better yet, make your buddies join you on this trip. That way, no jungle out there will be able to stop y’all!

Ok, what will the tourists find once they reach the destination? Will the Sekeper Waterfall blow their minds? It sure will! As the highest fall in Lombok, it is really impressive. The water is crystal-clear and freezing, depending on the time of the year. Plus, there isn’t any trash lying around, which is a huge pro.

It’s a known fact that the most popular spots on this island come with tons of rubbish and scare away the potential visitors. I’m happy to say that’s not the case here. In fact, Sekeper is often being called the twin brother of another amazing waterfall – Tiu Kelep – as the two look almost identical to each other. Still, they do have their unique features and you should visit both.

Some General Tips Before Your Trip

I know that we all like to wear flip-flops on a tropical island, but that might not be the best idea on this adventure, as the rocks are super slippery near the waterfall. And don’t forget to buy a raincoat. Or, pack your bag with some dry clothes. Naturally, all that walking, climbing, and everything else in between will make you hungry.

Snacks and some cold drinks will get you back on your feet. Just imagine sitting on a rock near the Sekeper Waterfall, enjoying a delicious snack and admiring the view. The mountain panorama is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life, and I really hope that you’ll be just as amazed by it.

During a sunny/rainy day, rainbows appear, giving the tourists a chance to make some award-winning photographs. Be aware, however, that the path towards this landmark is like a forest labyrinth, and you might need the help of the locals to guide you. Some friends of mine got lost in the middle of nowhere even though they were with a guide.

Plan your day wisely and make sure there’s enough time to go back to the car/bike and head back to the hotel before it gets darker and colder. And, as always, arrive at Sekeper early in the morning for that intimate experience.

How To Find The Sekeper Waterfall

The first thing you need to understand about this spot is that in order to reach Sendang Gile and the hotels/cafes near it, you’ll have to move across the mountainous area and drive along the western coast. That will take approximately 1 hour and 15/30 minutes.

From Mataram, the capital, you’ll have to drive for approximately 2 hours to get to the destination. Again, the route lies along the beautiful western coastline, famous for the amazing beaches, including Senggigi. From the Lombok Airport, the ride will take 2 hours and 30 minutes; from Kuta, expect a drive for 3/3, 5 hours.

If you’re in Kuta right now and want to get to the Sekeper Waterfall, that means you’ll have to go from the “bottom” of the island to the “top” of it. That will be quite a long ride! Ok, that’s it for today, dear friends.

Because it’s a challenge to reach this landmark, most tourists simply forget about it and focus on Tiu Kelep and the rest of the more accessible waterfalls. It’s up to you to choose between the two. In my opinion, they both deserve a visit. Just don’t try to see every interesting spot around Mount Rinjani in one day. Give them all a chance to impress you.

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Macy D.
May 24, 2018
In contrast to what you said, our guide was a great guy. And, he was kind enough to also take us through to Tiu Kelep.
Roberto O.
October 25, 2017
Usually, after Mount Rinjani, people switch to Sendang Gile or the nearby caves. But for me, Sekeper is a symbol of Lombok.
Abby B.
September 16, 2017
The slippery rocks are pretty dangerous, that's true, but for me, walking in wet clothes is a nightmare. So, bring some dry ones on this trip!
Dakota M.
September 19, 2016
It might not look as high or impressive in the pictures, but that will change once you end up facing it in the real life.
Reid C.
December 14, 2015
This island never seizes to amaze me. Despite the fact that most waterfalls look the same, this one is special.

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