The Jeruk Manis Waterfall Is Perfect For Taking A Dip

If you’ve been reading up on my reviews, then you already know that Lombok is a treasure chest full of breath-taking landmarks. When it comes to beaches and waterfalls, it’s one of the finest places to visit in Southeast Asia. Today we’ll talk about the lovely Jeruk Manis waterfall.

Some people that have been to the more famous waterfalls like Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile claim that once you see a couple of them, the rest all look the same and there’s no point in seeing the other landmarks with your own eyes. However, that couldn’t be further away from the truth. The thing is – every single spot on this island is unique, and it will your loss if you don’t at least give them a chance.

Personally, I’ve been to most of the tourist spots in Lombok but am still discovering new and exciting things about it. You’ll find Jeruk Manis on the southern slopes of the legendary Rinjani Mountain. The locals know it as Aik Temer and will always be happy to help you find it on the map or show you the right passage to the waterfall.

It’s approximately 40 meters high and never stops to flow, creating just the right environment for the trees, plants, and grass to grow. Because of the constant flow of water, the air in the area is moist and clear, perfect for making you feel like you’re lost somewhere on a tropical island with nature that hasn’t been touched by men.

What Jeruk Manis Is All About

The rainforest vegetation near the waterfall is lush and green, and, according to the local folks, the water from the falls is magical and can cure boldness. So, if you’re one of the guys with little or no hair on your head, don’t forget to give this place a try. I’m not a particularly religious or superstitious person, but who knows – maybe it will help you?

Either way, you’ll have fun standing in the middle of it. The gateway to the Jeruk Manis waterfall is the picturesque Tete Batu village. It’s approximately 2 kilometers away from the southern corner of the national park. That means after you park your car and enter the village, you’ll need to walk for 2 kms to reach your destination.

The government takes good care of the road, which means you won’t have any trouble walking all the way up to the waterfall. No guides are needed on this trip – you’ll be able to figure everything out on your own. If you’re up for an adventure, go around the village and go (or, rather, hike) through the rice paddies. Now, for this adventure, you will need a professional trekker.

Please remember that the final climb will probably be slippery. With that said, don’t go for any fancy shoes but choose something that’s equally sturdy and reliable. Trust me, you won’t be happy when your cute sandals get lost in the middle of the road without you even noticing it.

Learning Your Way Around The Jeruk Manis Waterfall

So, we already established that the cool air, the beautiful nature, and the crystal-clear water have the most amazing effect on the tourists. Now let’s see what else Jeruk Manis is good for. By the way, in Indonesian, “jeruk” means orange, while “manis” translates into sweet). According to the historians, this waterfall was discovered not so long ago.

A man named Pak Mius came across it in 1983. Back then, it was only known to several folks from the neighboring villages. However, after the Lombok officials took over, the Jeruk Manis waterfall turned into a very popular spot that both the locals and the foreigners visit every year.

Remember I talked about the 2-kilometer walk to this landmark? Well, it will only take you 15 minutes, and if you’re traveling together with a bunch of friends, the hike will be even more pleasant. The path is covered with flat stones and you’ll have to climb +/- 180 stairs to get to the falls. The forest is home to monkeys and deer, along with several species of birds.

Plus, you’ll constantly stop and stare at the plants, flowers, and trees with delicious fruits, including the world-famous durian trees. Yes, this place does feel like a tiny piece of Heaven (that actually applies to most of Lombok). As a protected forest, it looks and acts the same as many centuries ago.

Enjoying The Road And Finding A Place To Stay

If the road is tiresome and you need a minute to rest, the beautiful gazebos are at your service. Overall, there are three of those in the area, but I’d recommend making it to the one that’s located near the Jeruk Manis waterfall. From there, the view is mesmerizing, and you’ll feel like a billionaire from the movies enjoying a picnic in the middle of a tropical forest.

Yes, you can cook some meat there and/or drink a cold soda. The stones near the waterfall can serve as great “seats” to admire the view from different angles. The pond is nice and warm, perfect for a quick dip to freshen up. The water splashing on every corner will get you in the right mood.

The Tete Batu village is very friendly and has a couple of landmarks of its own. If you’ve got the time, don’t hesitate to pay it a visit. However, this article is about Jeruk Manis; so, let’s focus on that. To buy some snacks and/or drinks from the locals, you’ll need physical cash (Indonesian Rupees). The closest ATM is miles away, and the owners of the food stalls won’t accept any credit cards.

Resist the urge to take any plants/flowers/animals from the forest. The citizens of Lombok won’t appreciate that. Don’t throw away any trash around either. Use a bug repellent before entering the area if you can’t stand the mosquito bites. There are lots of them near the waterfall.

Accommodation And Public Facilities Near Jeruk Manis

My advice to you: don’t visit this or any other waterfall during the monsoon season, because everything will be slippery and you’ll have to constantly be on the lookout for the rain. There’s a camping area in the vicinity. If you’re not alone on this trip, it will be a great spot to enjoy Mother Nature and have a good time.

The list of public facilities includes a toilet, a restaurant, and accommodation. People that want to climb to Mount Rinjani often use the Jeruk Manis waterfall as some sort of a starting point. I’m sure you’ve seen the tobacco fields on your way to the Tete Batu village. They’re really something, aren’t they?

While at the village, check out the available accommodation options. You can find a fairly decent hotel room for a low price; lodging is also on the menu. This way, you’ll be able to visit all the landmarks in the area (there are plenty, believe me) and never worry about going back to the big city before it gets dark.

It’s worth mentioning that Jeruk Menis is the 4th highest waterfall on the island. And, if you believe the locals, the trees that surround it are 100-500 years old, give or take. The mini-park will be good for relaxing with your kids.

How To Find The Jeruk Manis Waterfall

From Mataram, the capital of Lombok, the road to this tourist spot will take you 1, 5 hours on a vehicle/motorbike. It is 50-kilometers-long and will make you fall in love with the local nature. If you’re on a rented car/bike, don’t rush it and try to admire the view. In a taxi, you can relax even more, sit back, and breathe it the amazing atmosphere of Lombok.

Public transportation is also an option. The closest stop from the big city is Bertais. From there, head towards Masbagik. The next stop will be the Jeruk Menis waterfall. If you take enough food and drinks with you, this trip can last for an entire day. Drive, eat, drink, walk, and then bathe in the pond near the waterfall.

Note: since this landmark became an official part of the Rinjani national park, the entrance fee was significantly raised. The exact price for entering the area changes all the time, but it’s still acceptable. Usually, I recommend planning your day in a way that you’ll be able to visit several tourist spots in one day.

But when it comes to special places like this one, I say they deserve to take an entire day. After all, we visit tropical islands like this one to enjoy ourselves, not put “checks” near the titles of various landmarks!

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Angel H.
January 22, 2018
We don't get to visit places like this one every single day, so, make the most of this trip!
Kinsley A.
December 8, 2017
Jeruk Manis is one of those landmarks that look just as great in person as on the photos.
Chance E.
September 9, 2017
It's easy to make friends with the locals, even if you don't know the language. Watch out for the noisy guides that are ready to do whatever it takes to take your money, though.
Cesar C.
July 1, 2016
The trip was pretty tiresome and we decided to rest at the Tete Batu village. The prices are cheap and the food is delicious.
Shelby C.
March 28, 2015
Mount Rinjani has quite a few gorgeous waterfalls. Jeruk Manis might not be the most popular one, but it sure is a must-see.

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