The Malimbu Hill Offers The Best Sunset In Lombok

As a rich island with tropical forests, beautiful beaches, and high cliffs, Lombok is one of the finest spots for taking million-dollar selfies. People don’t just visit to get a tan or to stare at the centuries-old temples. They love the atmosphere, the vibes, as the modern-day kids would say, and are always looking for the most exciting places where they can relax and rest.

Well, if you’re one of those tourists, then please, make sure to check out the wonderful Malimbu Hill next time you’re in Lombok. This is a very special place, and, in contrast to the most popular beaches, waterfalls, and the gigantic Mount Rinjani, you’ll be able to find solitude and peace there.

I’m sure you can already imagine the fantastic views from the top of the hill by just looking at its location on the map. Hands down, if gorgeous sunsets inspire you and get your blood pumping (in a good way), this landmark will steal your breath away. The locals claim that it doesn’t matter where you are on the island – the sunsets are always captivating.

And while that’s partially true, no view will be able to compete with the one from the Malimbu Hill. When I first got there and saw the ocean in front of me, that was one of the most special moments in my life. My advice to you: make sure you’re standing strong on both feet because the scenery might get you emotional!

Learning More About The Malimbu Hill

Alright, what’s so special about this place? Well, when the sky is clear, and the sun is shining, you can see one of the finest Gili Islands in the vicinity – Meno and Trawangan. And if you’ve got a high-quality camera, you’ll be able to take amazing pictures worth putting in a frame. Also, if you’re lucky, the legendary Mount Agung in Bali will also be in your sight.

Come on, isn’t it exciting to be able to stand high up there and see it all from a distance? It’s moments like this that show just how great God’s Earth is and how much we need to appreciate it. The sunsets will be best to watch with your loved one standing side by side and holding hands.

I gotta mention that the Malimbu Hill is constantly being used as some sort of a rendezvous point for all kinds of different circles. The bikers, for example, gather around there after a race to have a bear, watch the sun go down, and talk about the laps. Families with children love this place for the calm and relaxing atmosphere, especially when it gets darker.

Chances are, you’ll meet a religious group at the spot, praying to their Gods and thanking them for the gift of life. Yes, this is quite a unique landmark and for the tourists, it gives a wonderful opportunity to get to know the locals better and to make friends with other visitors on the island.

The Best Seats In The House

There are two spots on the Malimbu Hill with the best views. On the east side, there’s a 25-meter-high cliff that people climb for those award-winning shots. The brick-strong guardrail will make sure you’re safe and sound. The cliff is covered in shrubs but is not that hard to climb. The local monkeys aren’t really afraid of humans and will be grateful for some food.

If you’re on this trip with your children, give them some bread or pie to feed the animals – I’m sure they’ll love to do that! On the south, there’s a pretty big parking lot. To see the sunset, move to the north. Once you’re at the Malimbu Hill, everything will be in the palm of your hand. And you can always ask the locals for help and guidance.

If you decide to approach the hill from the other side, you’ll have to reach the wasteland that’s a couple of meters away from the road. There’s another parking lot there that the tourists usually hang out at. Interested in buying some souvenirs and hand-made items (including items made of pearls)? The locals bring their stuff after 4-5 pm.

You can also buy some coconut juice or snacks there, but nothing more. It doesn’t really matter how you reach the hill, because the views are always stunning. The local people are very friendly, and if you find someone who speaks English, he/she will tell you a lot of lovely (and crazy) stories.

Accommodation And Eating Spots Near The Malimbu Hill

This hill is a part of the Senggigi Beach and, according to the local legends, the name comes from Malibu, the beautiful city in California. But, since it’s pretty hard for the Sasak people to remember that difficult name (weird, I know), they decided to change it to Malimbu. In the afternoon, this place looks especially beautiful, as the white sand and the calm blue sea create a sight for sore eyes.

Authenticity is the biggest selling point of this hill, and the government of Lombok has done a tremendous job of improving the roads, the aforementioned guard rails, and the entire infrastructure. As for the trees and the plants, they make the place look even more beautiful.

Probably the greatest thing about the Malimbu Hill is that you won’t have to pay a fee to get there. I know they usually charge you very little, but still. As for the inns, cafes, restaurants, and food stalls, you won’t find many of those in the area. So, make sure you’ve got some water/drinks and food in your bag before you climb this hill (unless the snacks I just mentioned are enough).

In fact, as a general rule, whenever you’re leaving your hotel room to go somewhere in Lombok, make a habit of always packing your bag with some snacks and cold drinks. There are some cheap cabins for rent in the area, though, and they allow you to enjoy both your food and the mesmerizing view.

Tips For Having A Great Time At The Landmark

I just talked about the importance of taking enough food and drinks with you. Same goes for gas because the closest stations are pretty far away. The guard rails are nice and strong, but if you’ve got little ones with you, keep an eye on them all the time. The cliff is pretty high and dangerous in that regard (that’s true for both resting areas).

The cabins I mentioned will be great to spend the night in. They’re not that expensive and will let you dive into the tropical island atmosphere even more. If you’re in Senggigi, it might seem like the Malimbu Hill is right there in front of you, but you’ll have to walk for a while to get there (read more about the routes in a minute).

On a motorbike, riding along the coast and watching the sunset is an unforgettable experience, especially if you’re on the road with your friends. So, enjoy the beach, have something tasty to eat, and climb that hill like you own it. If you’re in Bali, rent a speedboat and head straight for the hill.

The view will be completely different, but beautiful in its own right. Or, visit the Gili Islands and join the craziest parties in the area (yes, I’m talking about Gili T). For a picnic on the Malimbu Hill, it would be best to come earlier to occupy the best spot.

How To Find The Malimbu Hill

If you’re in Mataram, the capital, the ride to the hill will take you 30 minutes. The road is 20-kilometers-long and quite challenging. At the same time, it’s unbelievably beautiful and you’ll find yourself stopping more than once to admire the view. That way, you’ll need 45-50 minutes to reach your destination. I hired a personal driver and he got me there in 27-28 minutes.

So, it all depends on what you’re after – speed and efficiency or a chance to do some sightseeing and to open yourself up to the island. The Malimbu Hill certainly deserves all of your attention. From the Senggigi beach, the road is significantly shorter (about 10 kilometers long).

Please remember that public transports don’t go that way, which means renting a car/bike and hiring a taxi driver are your only options on this trip. The best time to visit this wonderful place is after 5 pm. That’s when most of the locals and the visitors will get there, creating a wonderful feeling of being a part of something big and important.

I’m not a fan of crowded places and prefer to stick to myself. But in this case, I was happy to see so many people of different nationalities and creed getting together in one beautiful spot.

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Makenna Z.
April 22, 2018
I'm really glad we got to visit this hill and watch the sunset with our own eyes. No words can describe what we saw!
Zane O.
August 5, 2017
The selfie junkies will fall in love with this place. I can't even imagine how many pictures were taken on the Malimbu Hill.
Ariel C.
February 11, 2017
The snacks and cold drinks were more than enough for me. The locals are super-nice and I spent hours talking to them.
Jillian U.
June 3, 2016
The ride along the coast is a lovely experience. The atmosphere of the Malibu Hill is completely different from that of the Senggigi beach.
Drake Y.
July 1, 2015
Nice review, my friend, now I know where to go next on my upcoming trip to Lombok!

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