The Pink Beach Is Perfect For Romantic Getaways

Around the globe, there are places that you want to visit for a day or two and then go back home. And, there are places that you wish you could stay in forever. Lombok, the mighty Indonesian island, offers an entirely different level of comfort and harmony with nature, which is exactly why thousands of tourists visit it every year.

You might already know that along with the ancient temples, gigantic mountains, and breath-taking waterfalls, Lombok is also famous for the gorgeous beaches. Without a doubt, the Pink Beach is a very special place, and you’ll instantly feel the unique atmosphere once you step foot in there, just like I did on my trip.

Back in the day, no tourist knew about this spot. However, these days, it’s slowly, but steadily becoming a popular spot, and folks from all over the world hop on planes to visit it. So, what’s so special about this beach? Well, I guess the name says it all. If you ever wanted to check whether the legends about pink beaches are true, this is your best opportunity to do that.

I gotta warn you that it won’t be as pink as you might think. We usually have entirely different images in our heads compared to the reality. On the other hand, if you give this place a chance, you’ll see that there’s enough pink there. No, it’s not 100% pinky; still, pretty impressive.

What’s There To Do At The Pink Beach?

The experienced tourists say that it’s all about the angle. From afar, it’s just another regular white beach, nothing special about it. Yet, when you get close (like really close), you’ll notice the “peachy” elements in the sand. It’s very smooth and feels nice under your feet. Aren’t you curious why the Pink Beach has this unusual color?

That’s because of the dead coral particles that the waves bring to the shore. One of the biggest advantages of this beach over the others is that it’s crystal clear. You won’t find any trash floating there (which can’t be said about other spots in Lombok, including the famous Senggigi beach), which, of course, is a huge plus.

If you get lucky, the beach will be half-empty, and that will give you the opportunity to create a romantic atmosphere with your girlfriend/boyfriend. The place looks marvelous early in the morning, especially if you climb a tiny hill on the side. The view from there is enchanting and you won’t ever want to leave the Pink Beach.

Grab some food and water to have one of the most amazing picnics in your life. When the place is full of people, the atmosphere is entirely different. The children are running around, and the locals are trying to sell all kinds of ridiculous stuff to the tourists. When I was there, the beach was almost entirely empty; and it felt kinda weird, to be honest.

Accommodations And Restaurants/Cafes

So, is there a place to stay the night? Unfortunately, no. You won’t find any hotels/guest houses/bungalows at the beach. There are some exclusive resorts in the vicinity, but they’re too expensive for the average traveler. No spots to have something to eat either, except for the food stalls that don’t really look that good (to me, at least).

Yes, in a way, this is a place that you can enjoy only for a couple of hours and will have to go back to your hotel room. It’s not like the aforementioned Senggigi that is crowded with all kinds of restaurants and cafes that work 24/7 and offer some of the best drinks and meals on the island. On the bright side, the Pink Beach is, well, pink, and offers an entirely different experience.

Furthermore, you’re more than welcome to do some diving and/or snorkeling. The water is incredibly clear (and warm), which means you simply have to dip at least for a couple of minutes. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to rent the proper gear at the beach for snorkeling; so, bring your own.

Ever heard about island hopping? That’s one of the most popular things to do here and the local fishermen will be more than happy to give you a tour (that will cost you 40-60 dollars, which isn’t that cheap but is definitely worth every single penny).

Things You Need To Know About

On the downside, there’s no place to wash yourself and no bathrooms around. No clean water either. That proves my theory that this spot is only good for an hour or two, but not for a long, comfortable stay. That’s probably because the foreigners don’t love this beach nearly as much as the other spots, and there’s no point in investing huge amounts of money into improving the infrastructure at the Pink Beach.

Gotta love capitalism and everything that it stands for, right? I’m not saying this place is deserved – there are always tourists there, which gives me hope that everything will change in the nearest future.

I usually talk about ways to get to a certain spot in the final chapter, but I simply have to say that the fans of scooters can rent one in Kuta and have a blast driving for 2/2, 5 hours to the Pink Beach. Kuta is the closest “civilization”, which is why it will be wise to rent a room there and wake up early to do a day-trip to the beach.

The mesmerizing Tanjung Ringgit Cliffs are close to your destination and certainly deserve a visit, especially if you rented a scooter. By the way, there are only ten pink beaches in the world (and there’s another one in Indonesia – on the Flores Island).

Thrilling Views At The Pink Beach

There’s a cliff not so far away from the beach, and the view from there is even better than from the hill I mentioned earlier. Grab your phone/camera and start taking pictures! This is, indeed, a tiny piece of Heaven on Earth. Drinking some fresh coconut water while standing on that cliff, I felt like an ancient king watching over my land.

By the way, if you’ve got the time and the energy, I’d highly recommend visiting an old Japanese cave that’s pretty close to the Pink Beach. They say there’s also a very old cannon there. Unfortunately, the road is quite tiresome and can take all the fun out of your otherwise amazing journey.

Summing up, I want to say that this spot is a must-see for the folks that appreciate jaw-droppingly amazing views, calm, serene spots near the ocean, and unique experiences. I know some couples that had been living in the famous Gili Islands for months, but never even knew about the Pink Beach.

In my opinion, a tourist should try to visit as many landmarks as possible, while giving every single one of them a chance to prove itself, so to speak. Even though this place is a bit too far for comfort, that’s actually a big part of what makes it special. So, pack your things and hop on the next plane to Lombok, because the peachy/pinky sand is waiting for you!

How To Find The Pink Beach

The men and women of Lombok call it the Tangsi beach. It is located in East Lombok Regency, the Jerowaru District. Take a good look at the map we’ve got at the bottom of this article: the beach is in the lower right corner. If you’re at the Lombok Airport, the drive will take you +/- 2 hours. Yes, it’s gonna be a long ride, and the taxi drivers will try to trick you into paying more than you should.

So, a little bargaining can go a long way. From Mataram, the route is even longer – approximately 2, 5 hours long, maybe more. But if you get in the right mood, the ride will turn into a big adventure and you’ll get to do some sightseeing along the way (and maybe see some goats on the hills).

Now, I have to mention that the taxi drivers aren’t that excited to get you there. Why is that? Well, according to some sources, the road is as bad as it gets. There are bumps everywhere, not to mention the stones that make the car jump up and down. Obviously, that’s not good news for a vehicle. However, other folks claim that the government did its thing and now there’s a concrete road that leads to the Pink Beach.

I guess it’s a matter of luck: if the driver you hire knows the place like the back of his hands, then he’ll know about this “secret” route and take you to your destination without any trouble (that’ what happened in my case). Yes, I know that it’s pretty far, but, again, don’t treat the super-long drive as a drag: treat it like a part of your exciting time on the island.

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Alexandria O.
February 17, 2018
Don't put your freaky swimsuit on, because this is a Muslim country and the natives of Lombok won't appreciate that.
Xander J.
November 16, 2017
The road is horrible. But the Pink beach is fun, especially if you love romantic sunsets and water activities.
Cora S.
April 21, 2017
When we arrived at this beach, it felt deserted, as only a couple of locals were chilling there. The food was good, though, despite what you said about it.
Mikayla T.
March 27, 2016
Remember: there's a fee of 15K IDR once you enter the beach. And, there might be some urchins in the water, so, be careful when swimming.
Jaylen U.
December 24, 2015
Honestly, this place isn't worth it. The road is long and tiresome; the beach isn't that pinky; the food stalls are a bit too "cheap" for comfort.

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